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I walked among the ferns, lush from a newly fallen rain. Taken by the verdant color of these plants, I was not paying attention to where I was going, although I could see what looked like a small pond up ahead. As I walked closer to it, I was drenched by a large splash, which startled and concerned me. What could’ve possibly made that big wave of water?

I walked closer, and to my surprise, I wasn’t alone. I’m not sure what I was looking at, but it had an odd shape and a shiny silver color. It most certainly wasn’t a rock. The sun’s reflection in the water created an obstructed view, so I would need to get closer to examine what splashed.

Eyes looking back at me, at first I thought it was a puppy who had lost its way and landed in the water. But it had no tail, and puppies don’t shine like that. There was no movement from this tiny being, one who made a large splash, in the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t a rock. Maybe it was ore. Or maybe a piece of space junk that made its way through the atmosphere. But why did it have eyes? And why was it looking at me?

Taking a step back, and gasping at my realization, I was staring at an alien being! I looked up, expecting to see the Mother Ship, hovering over my head, but it was silent. Not even a breeze to indicate something was there and hidden. When the water calmed, I walked back to this…thing….I don’t know what I was seeing. It slowly rose from its underwater landing, still staring, slightly blinking, and then smiling. It extended what appeared to be a hand, and without hesitation, I accepted the gesture. I picked it up from the water, carried it to a batch of ferns, where there was no water.

There it was. The Mother Ship had already landed, which was why there was no trace of it in the sky. The doors opened and another somewhat shiny silver, although a bit tarnished, being, exited the ship. It, too, extended a hand and much to my surprise, it spoke to me.

“Thank you for showing such compassion. We dropped our young one into the water when we saw you in the field. We have heard so much negativity regarding humanity, we wanted to test it for ourselves. You have given us hope for mankind.”

And with that, they both boarded the ship, waved, and were gone with a whoosh. I had a feeling they’d, one day, return again. I know I’ll keep watching the skies…





©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Sue Vincent