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He was beyond vague in his approach. She caught him, several times, checking her out, but he never spoke to her. One day, she decided she would speak to him if she caught him again. As chance would have it, it happened later that day. She could feel eyes upon her, making the hair on the back of her neck stand up against the goosebumps that began piercing her skin.

Glancing upward, she saw him staring at her. Standing, legs trembling, hoping she wouldn’t make a total fool out of herself, she stared back and smiled. His face didn’t change. He just kept staring back at her. He was quite ambiguous, not reflecting exactly who he was. Before she realized it, she was speaking to him. His expression remained as rigid as his stance. He had an empty look in his eyes, something she never noticed before. Of course, she never looked at him long enough to notice.

Since there was no response from him, she sat back down, and continued her work. But there was an uneasiness in her bones, a subtle yet quite obvious feeling she was still being watched. When she looked up again, he was gone. Not trying to give it another thought, she returned to her tasks. Before she knew it, it was time to go home. She let out a sigh, gathered her things, and headed for the parking garage.

The click of her high heels were the only sounds emanating from the underground structure. She thought she heard a noise, and stopped to turn around, but no one was there. She felt odd, and decided to take her shoes off, taking a speedier pace to get to her car. He was there. Standing by her car door, that same unchanging look on his face. She gasped, not knowing if she should turn around and run back to the building, or just run anywhere to get away from him. She decided to run back. Head down, she made a mad dash for the office building’s entrance. It was locked. Panicking, she turned to see where he was but couldn’t find him. But she felt him. He made her skin crawl with fear. She knew he was nearby. And he was, directly behind her. She could feel his breath against her neck. She felt a sharp pain in her skin, then the warmth of her blood rushing over her. He had claimed his prize, and she, would never again fear his empty eyes.


The Daily Post: Vague

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