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They headed toward me, but I couldn’t see anyone. Only the footsteps, single file, as if the person had walked the sand, heel to toe, the entire way. I had an odd sensation come over me, the feeling you get when you know you’re not alone, but no one else was near. Goosebumps covered my flesh as I felt a cool sensation ripple through me. It was then I realized I surely wasn’t alone on this beach.

I hesitated, but called out, for the spirit who was playing with me, to identify itself. There was no answer, but the footsteps had stopped. Whomever it was, they decided to wait, maybe for me to approach a bit closer, I didn’t know. I stood still, I think my legs were afraid to move. Who could possibly be making footprints in the sand, and one’s with heels, no less, and not physically be seen?

Sighing, I began to walk closer, until I couldn’t walk anymore. Something was blocking my way. I took a few steps back and tried again. Whatever or whoever, it was still blocking my passage. I had no choice but to back up and hope for the best. Again, the cool ripple through my bones, and I cried out for this spirit to stop taunting me and reveal itself, or else be gone! It had no reason to be wandering this deserted beach. At that moment, the feeling of someone or thing, near me was gone. Had I, at last, freed an entity stuck in this dimension? I only hoped it had found its way home, though I wondered where that was.





©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Sue Vincent