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Each Tuesday, I will be sharing a short story, over several parts.  When one ends, I will begin another the following week.  I hope you enjoy!   🙂

An Odd Dream (Part 1)

I sat straight up, heart pounding and drenched in sweat. At least I think it was sweat. I couldn’t help wondering if I somehow was slimed, like Dr. Venkman in Ghostbusters, but that would be silly since that was just made up. Wasn’t it?

Turning toward the clock on my nightstand, I noticed the time had stopped. I decided to ignore it and get out of bed. If for nothing else, I needed to get out of these wet clothes. A shower sounded really good, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure I wanted to take one. My mind was having a field day with movie scenes. Janet Lee, Psycho, I skipped the shower.

I’m a curious sort. A definite downfall where peril is concerned, but I had to know. I headed down the hall to the old study. It was a room I had not been in in many years, except maybe, for last night. When I reached the doorway, I hesitated. Maybe I should just leave well enough alone and chalk it up to a nightmare. No, I’m going in. Slowly opening the door, I peeked in. The room smelled musty and damp, and it was still dark. I reached for the light switch but it didn’t work. Opening the door fully to let the light from the hallway in, I entered the room. I could see the desk from where I stood. There, lying on top, was a journal, but the pen was nowhere to be found. Even the ink bottle was missing. I made my way over, careful to keep the light ahead of me, what little there was. I opened the journal and jumped back, a loud gasp escaping my lips. The scribbles of the spirit remained on the page. Get Out! But why was she telling me to get out? Grabbing the journal, I ran from the room, slamming the door behind me.

To be continued…


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