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Each Tuesday, I will be sharing a short story, over several parts.  When one ends, I will begin another the following week.  I hope you enjoy!   🙂

I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Between the fading light of day and the distant sound of the train whistle, I was doomed. No matter how hard I tried, my lids got heavier, finally sending me into the fitful world of a very odd dream. A premonition I had had earlier, followed me into this dream, and I recalled the desire to gather up different items throughout the house, and deposit them into one room. I’m not sure why I would even do that, but something was gnawing at me, pushing me, and so, I collected what I needed.

In my hands, I found a candle, a lighter, a journal, a feathered pen and an ink bottle. The room was pitch so flicking the lighter, I coaxed the flame, and lit the candle. There was an eerie glow in the room, and a sudden coldness I hadn’t felt before. The room was filled with dust and cobwebs that clawed at me as I walked.  I had a hunch this wasn’t going to end well, somewhat like the way I felt earlier.

I was right.  There was someone else here with me. Slowly turning, candle in my hand, I made my way to the old roll top desk and sat down. I opened the journal, the ink bottle, dipped the pen in, and poised to begin writing, I froze. There was a heaviness on my shoulders, like someone or something was leaning on me. I started to speak but was hushed by a whisper of a woman’s voice. My hand was moving, but I wasn’t moving it. I looked down at my journal, watching the pen float smoothly over the blank page. She was trying to tell me something. When the pen stopped moving, the heaviness disappeared. I again looked down at the page, seeing something scribbled across. With what felt like an eternity of waiting, she merely wrote two words. GET OUT!

To be continued…


The Daily Post: Premonition

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