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Darkness filled the room, like an eclipse of the full moon, blocking the light, shadowing corners and walls. With a sudden flash, he was there, caped in red satin, moving toward her. She stepped back, a small noise escaping from her mouth, as she tried to scream. He laughed, taking it all in, admiring the ivory flesh that stood only inches from him.

The walls were closing in, doors slamming, and she could not move. Trapped, her feet felt like lead, her legs, like jelly. He continued to glance her way, seemingly lying in wait for that perfect moment. She felt the floor shift from under her, heard a strange creaking sound, almost deafening, and then silence. Terrified, and unable to see in the dark, she lost her balance. He moved to catch her as she stumbled, but she righted herself before he could touch her.

She would not succumb to the creature standing before her. Again the floor moved, and suddenly the light began to reappear. She caught sight of his brilliant white fangs, finally able to let out a harrowing scream. Looking down, he murmured, β€œDamn costume”, as the elevator doors opened to the lobby. She bolted from the car, disappearing into the night. He never had the chance to ask her name.


Β©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay