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You must remember this….a kiss is just….a hug is…. sexual harassment.  Yet another student has been suspended from school, this time because he hugged a teacher.   School boards are handing down decisions such as this to children showing affection.

Last week, six year old Hunter Yelton, from Colorado, received a two day suspension because he kissed a classmate on the hand.  The school labeled it sexual harassment.  It has since rescinded the suspension and said “it won’t classify his kissing a girl on the hand as sexual harassment.”  What happened to bringing both sets of parents into school and speaking to them about the child’s conduct?  Today it’s guilty until proven innocent. Hunter is now back in school and hopefully this incident will not be a dark spot in his future.  I’m not saying what Hunter did was right.  He apparently had a history of trying to kiss this same girl.  I believe it’s called a crush.  Remember those?  You got all giddy because you found out the boy or girl you liked, liked you, too.

Skip forward to Sam McNair, a 17-year-old high school senior in Duluth, Georgia.  He was suspended for a full year for hugging his teacher.  With only five months left of the school year, this puts Sam’s college hopes in jeopardy.  Camera footage shows the hug and the teacher subsequently pushing him away.  She claimed she had spoken to him before but he says he has hugged other teachers, including her, with no repercussions for it.  If, according to school policy, hugging in an issue, it should be addressed as such, to the parents and the child in question.  I believe that labeling a child with sexual harassment over something like this is pushing the limit.  If he had groped her in the process, the situation would have been warranted.

Both boys have had disciplinary problems in the past but neither had anything like this.  Due to privacy issues, which I find rather amusing since this is all over the internet, prior acts committed can not be made public.

What are we teaching our children today?  In my home, we’re huggers.  My kids, me, my husband.  Always have been, always will be.  A hug is a sign of comfort, of, wait, what’s that word?  Oh, right…LOVE.  Something this nation is sorely lacking.  The amount of kindness in this world is fading.  Look around you.  What do you see?  People too busy to look up from their phones or tablets to even smile or say hello.  Imagine if we had to actually talk to each other, face to face, one on one.  Would we even remember how to?  Or would we just stare at each other in an awkward silence?  Children are like little sponges. they absorb what they see around them.  If you’re a family of huggers, chances are your child will offer that show of affection to another  Their environment plays a huge role in making them who they are.

While I understand these rules are in place for the safety of the individual, I think the school systems are overreacting and need to reevaluate the act based on circumstance.  One of the reasons, I’m sure, that they are taking extremes, is fear of litigation.  Don’t like the outcome?  Let’s sue!!  Another thing that’s totally out of control.  But that’s another story.

Parents, teach your children to respect others.  Personal space is important.  But also teach them to love their fellow man, not by touching but by smiling, offering a helping hand or a reassuring word.  The world needs love & understanding, now, more than ever.

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